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Shout Out to Friends in Ojai, California: Tragic Wildfires Hitting Close to Home

USG has been planning a trip to Ojai, California and our first stop there is going to be with filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Tickell, friends and fellow advocates. Their Big Picture Ranch production company is located on an avocado farm where they also live. Sadly, they had to evacuate their home and workplace because of the raging fires. Josh and Rebecca are now climate refugees! (The terrifying image above was shot by Rebecca from their bedroom window)

We fell in love with this dynamic duo when their Sundance Award winning film, FUEL,premiered in NYC. We have followed their film work since, including “The Big Fix”, a searing documentary about the devastation of the BP Deep Water Horizon oil spill.

Josh recently penned an inspiring "call to action" book titled “Kiss the Ground” which will also be released as a documentary in the Spring of 2018. “Kiss the Ground” is an extremely important book at a critical moment in time. We all need to read it and join in the effort to revitalize our soils and create an earth less prone to natural disasters like the fires and floods wreaking havoc around the planet.

I hope Big Picture Ranch is still standing when we get to California. Either way, we're coming to see you Josh and Rebecca. We need you now more than ever.

See you in Ojai.

Copyright 2017 Paul E McGinniss

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