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A Farmtastic Journey

Through the Heart of America  TM

A Farmtastic Journey

Through the Heart of America  TM

Unearthing the inspiring world around us

​The United States of Green, A Farmtastic Journey Through The Heart of America, (TM) digs up the dirt about the back-to-the-land movement sprouting from Maine to Maui and puts the cool people and places we find on the map.

Please tell us about the passionate, nature loving farmers that have planted sustainable roots in your area, the cheesemakers, bread bakers, composters, beekeepers, the folks making culinary products with local ingredients. We want to know about the best inns, B&Bs, hotels and motels. We want to unearth your neighborhood farm and brewery, your local CSA, vineyard or town distillery and make them part of our expanding community. 

The project launches as New York Green Advocate, Paul E. McGinniss, travels from New York to explore the farmtastic state of Virginia. Along the way, videos, photos and text will be posted along with content from the people he meets.

After our first road trip to Virginia, 
will traverse America adding content, enabling audiences to “travel”, whether this travel is on line or during an awesome road trip planned with the help of our map and state travel portals.

Fill out the form on our web site to tell us who and what we can not miss "in your neck of the woods." Tell us the best places to stay. Help us discover the inspiring nooks and crannies of your town, city or hamlet. Tell us about the people and places you love so we can love them too and spread the good energy.


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