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Kiss The Ground: New Book by Filmmaker Josh Tickell to be Made into Documentary Film

Our friend, Josh Tickell, has a new book out called "Kiss the Ground" which everyone should order now. 50% of the author’s residuals from the sale of the "Kiss the Ground" book go to support the Kiss the Ground 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit which works to restore soils worldwide.

We first met Josh and his incredible partner/producer, Rebecca Harrell Tickell, at the NYC premier of FUEL, their Sundance-award-winning documentary film. We also helped Josh and Rebecca promote the NYC premier of their devastating and powerful documentary

about the BP Deep Water Horizon oil spill,"The Big Fix".

2009 Photo of FUEL Director Josh Tickell and Producer Rebecca Harrell-Tickell and Mr Brown. They are in the famous bio-diesel Veggie Van powered by waste grease from restaurants.

Meeting and writing about the Tickells and other committed, passionate environmental advocates like them

was part of our journey to starting United States of Green. When USG gets to California, we plan to visit Josh and Rebecca

in Ojai, California at the Big Picture Ranch, also an Avocado Farm.

Kiss the Ground is being made into a documentary film to be released in 2018. USG will definitely be at the NYC opening of this much anticipated film.

PS: We are almost ready to publish more reporting from our recent Virginia trip including posts and videos about the Boar's Head Inn and Resort, New Earth, Perennial Roots and Polyface farms.

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