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Experience a Taste of Virginia at the Westin Richmond's Crossings Restaurant & Lounge

When one walks into the lobby of the Westin Richmond, one immediately feels a soft, subtle, soothing energy that washes over you. The meditative, translucent glass waterfall in the middle of the large, sunny lobby is a hint of the vibe of the entire hotel, relaxing and laid back, sophisticated and elegant, but not stuffy.

The upscale hotel's ambiance seems far from the dirt and work going on at nearby farms. Yet, the hotels and farms have a symbiotic relationship. The hotel sources produce from these farms including the granny smith and red delicious apples which come from Dickie Brothers in Roseland, Virginia. These apples are in the lobby in front of a large glass container of fruit-infused water, available 24 hours a day and complimentary to all Westin guests.

The Crossings Restaurant and Lounge uses many local products. Pork, which the Executive Chef smokes to perfection, is sourced from Autumn Olive Farms in Waynesboro, VA. Honey, one of our favorite superfoods, is from Hungry Hill Farm in Shipman, VA. Butter beans are grown at Dodd’s Acres Farms in Mechanicsville, VA. Crab salsa, a garnish that accentuates the flavors of some of the restaurants dinner specials, is made at Gunther’s Gourmet in Richmond, VA.

On tap there are many local craft beers including Hardywood, Legend, Star Hill, Devil’s Backbone, and Bold Rock. They offer two Virginia straight bourbons at the bar, Bowman Brothers Small Batch and John J. Bowman Single Barrel, both from Fredericksburg, VA. Bourbon is a staple of the offerings in the Crossings Restaurant and Lounge. Being able to enjoy a high quality bourbon at an affordable price from a local distillery is a great pleasure. Guests can also sip select bourbon from Kentucky.

If you want to experience the passion of the staff at the Westin Richmond , watch the video above of sous chef Anthony Williams. Anthony and the entire staff made us feel at home in Richmond. When we were checking out, a regular guest of the hotel was greeted as if a member of the family. We said goodbye feeling that we would be back again to enjoy some of the local hospitality that shines at this special spot in Richmond, Virginia.

Copyright Paul E McGinniss 2017

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