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Cape Charles: A Changing Town Cherishing the Past

While we were in Cape Charles, the historic harbor town on the Chesapeake Bay, we stayed at the luxurious Fig Street Inn . Below is a video we shot of Donna and Greg, the young couple that bought the stately property which was built in 1899. Their renovation job was quite spectacular and done to perfection with all the original details intact. Without hearing the story of the Inn, guests would never know that the interior of the sprawling home once had ugly drop ceilings, a maze of rooms all cut off from each other and magnificent wood floors hiding under shag carpets.

The New Roots Youth Garden is a block away from Fig Street Inn and this inspiring project has been an inspiration for the whole community. No matter the political persuasion, the entire Cape Charles community has joined together and wholeheartedly supports this non-profit urban farm project which teaches children how to plant, grow, and harvest food. The youth participating in the garden also take produce they grow to the local farmers market so they can begin to understand the business side of farming.

The cool thing about staying at an Inn or small BNB is that the owners, as members of the community, can tell you about what is going on with an insider's perspective. This perspective is usually a passionate one, especially when it comes to sustainability, food, and supporting a circular local economy.

Tammy Holloway, a guiding force behind New Youth Roots Youth Garden, in her amazing garden at Bay Haven Inn

Cape Charles is a must stop if you are traveling through the Eastern Shore of Virginia and headed down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We stopped in Cape Charles a few years back when we we drove all the way down "the banks" to Cape Hatteras and took the ferry to Ocracoke Island in North Carolina. While a great place to stop on the way south or north, Cape Charles and the Eastern Shore of Virginia is a worthy destination unto itself. The natural wonderland that is the shore is too big to explore in one trip, so like us, you'll most likely leave thinking you need to come back again. The beauty of the shore and its people infuses your soul. Once you visit, you will be drawn back for sure.

We're now at the soothing and serene Westin Richmond . We're excited to stay here because the hotel is very connected to farms, breweries, and distilleries in the Richmond area. After we check out, we will be going to visit one of the farms run by Tricycle Urban Ag in Richmond. We'll be telling you more about Tricycle and the Richmond Westin soon!

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