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Virginia Here We Come: First Stop Chincoteague Island

Our launch trip to Virginia has fallen magically into place. Our first stop after leaving the Hudson Valley of New York on October 10th is the serene, awe inspiring Chincoteague Island.

Chincoteague is one of the romantic, wind-and-wave-swept barrier islands on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. A reasonable drive from major metropolitan areas on the east coast, this natural paradise soothes the soul. If you live on the mid-Atlantic seaboard and are looking for a vacation spot that still feels remote and has an abundance of unspoiled beauty, Chincoteague and the barrier islands are the place to go. Chincoteague is the gateway to the Virginia portion of Assateague Island, home of the famous Chincoteague Wild Ponies.

Picture of Chincoteage Wild Ponies courtesy

I grew up on the south eastern shore of Long Island, a place now called the Hamptons. If anyone wants a taste of what the "Hamptons" used to be like, they might want to head to the barrier islands of Virginia. Time seems to have taken a pause and not quite caught up completely with the frenzy of much of the eastern seaboard. (Don't get us wrong, we still love the east end of Long Island)

When we arrive in Chincoteage we are having dinner at Don's Seafood with the founders of Black Narrows Brewing Company.

Photo of Bob and Wendy Huntley, co-owners of Black Narrows Brewing Company

Here's a taste of the island from the folks at Black Narrows Brewing:

"We feel so fortunate to be the first brewery coming to Virginia's Eastern Shore. This place is like none other. Farms, forests, the ocean, the bay and marsh for miles. We hope you'll come and adventure round these parts. You'll find us over the Black Narrows on Chincoteague Island in an old oyster shuckin' house. Here, we live by the old rhythms. The seasons move us and our family, our island and our brewery. When you're here, you're family. We can't wait to have you over for a pint on our porch."

See you next week Chincoteague!

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