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This Seasonal Food Guide App Is Where It's At

Grace Foundation has a great blog called Ecocentric and it's a regular read for USG. They've also just come out with a new Seasonal Food Guide App which helps you decide what fresh, local produce to buy.

You can use the Seasonal Food Guide to learn when and where your favorite locally grown produce is in peak season so you can buy it peak flavor at your neighborhood farmers' market.

And, if you are planning a trip and want to know what's in season in other states you can do that. To wet my appetite for the USG trip to Virginia in October I looked up what's in season in Virginia on the Seasonal Food Guide from Grace Foundation. I found horseradish is in season in early October.

I am looking forward to finding some seafood cocktail sauce made with fresh, Virginia grown horseradish to go with the oysters we eat when we meander to one of the stops on the Virginia Oyster Trail.

See you on the Virginia Oyster Trail. The only problem we're going to have on the trail is to figure out what local Virginia beer and wine to sip while we eat up all that amazing seafood caught off the Virginia shore.

Copyright 2017 Paul E McGinniss

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