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A Farmtastic Journey

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Alaska, I think I love You.

Alaska is totally addicting. When I started to research the USG trip there, I was like; "I am never gonna have enough time." There is just too much beauty. The state is so gorgeous and huge and alluring it's hard to figure out where to go, especially if you only have a few weeks to wander. Or was that wonder?

To start, we put Kackleberry Farms in Homer, Alaska on the USG map. And, as they say: we're gonna get there come hell or high water.

Homer is a stunning four and a half hour drive from Anchorage, so we plan to drive down to this seaside spot on the Kenai Peninsula from Anchorage. Kacklebbery is primarily a dairy goat farm-producing raw milk, butter, cream, yogurt and cheese.

(Fresh goat cheese in Alaska? Hello!) They also raise organic vegetables, potatoes, eggs and meat. It has views to die for. (See picture of the farm above).

Pic Via the cool blog "Unalaska From My Point of View"

Recently, I discovered if we go to Homer we need to stretch our wings (or hire a plane) to get to the island of Unalaska which is in the middle of the not so close but not so far in Alaska terms, Aleutian Islands. The Aleutians are a chain of volcanic islands between the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska, stretching southwest about 1,200 mi (1,900 km) toward the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. It takes a few days to sail to Unalaska from Homer, but the trip must be incredible.

When we get to Unalaska, we plan to visit Copper River Seafoods, which is part of Bering Fisheries and located in Dutch Harbor, the world's largest fish landing port. Bering Fisheries is the only 100% American-owned and operated plant in Dutch Harbor. They focus on the production of King Crab, Snow Crab, Halibut, Pacific Cod and Black Cod. All of the fish is Certified Sustainable, Wild Caught, and Legally Caught Alaska (US) Harvested. It is also processed and distributed in controlled batches to maintain quality.

Watch the video below to be inspired by the positive ethos of Copper River Seafoods and Bering Fisheries.

Can't wait to meet you Alaska. I know we've never met but, I am madly in love with you already!

Alaska, are you ready for a nature, joy junkie to arrive and never leave? Juneau, I think we might have a problem.

See you in Dutch Harbor.

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