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Martinis Against Hunger: Idaho based SIMPLE VODKA fights hunger drink by drink.

Sometimes when I go to a fancy place and order an expensive martini I have secret pangs of guilt, recognizing the liquid luxury is not affordable to all. I know how privileged I am. And it's hard not to think of the less fortunate when indulging so. Luckily, I discovered Idaho based SIMPLE VODKA donates 20 meals per bottle produced (1+ meal per drink serving) to hungry people in the US through partnerships with local and national hunger relief organizations. I'll have to seek this vodka out because it will make pricey New York martinis feel much better going down!

One of USG' favorite reads, Sustainable Brands, reports about SIMPLE VODKA: "Focusing on the social impact of the product wasn’t enough — the production and manufacturing processes for their farm-to-bottle libation also needed to be sustainable. To do this, the company committed to using potatoes sourced from farms within 40 miles of the distillery and use renewable energy sources (25 percent of the distillery’s power is generated by wind) and sustainable manufacturing techniques such as wastewater recycling and byproduct upcycling to keep its environmental impacts down."

Snake River, near Twin Falls, Idaho

SIMPLE VODKA gets the water for it's vodka from the aquifer of the Snake River, which crosses southern Idaho from Wyoming to Oregon. USG plans to visit their distillery when we get to Idaho. The company states: "Making great vodka and feeding the hungry doesn't have to be complicated." I'll drink to that, especially when simply sitting on the shore of the magnificent Snake River.

See you in Idaho.

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