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Explore the Upper Delaware River with a Picnic from JJ International Delicatessen, Port Jervis, New

One of the most stunning landscapes I have ever witnessed is the stretch of the Delaware River north of Port Jervis. If you drive up 97 on the scenic byway from Port Jervis to Barryville, New York, you won't be disappointed. You'll feel the majesty of nature. You'll also wonder how the heck they built the road, part of which is carved onto a cliff looking over the river.

One of my favorite places in Port Jervis is JJ International Delicatessen. It's the perfect place to gather food to bring as you meander along the Upper Delaware River and pick a spot to have a great picnic. There are several places along the river which rent kayaks, canoes and tubes if you are up for a real adventure.

If you are looking for Boars Head and typical sandwich meats and cheeses this is the wrong deli. But they have a fine selection of meat, cheese, smoked fish, salads, fruit juices, jams and even caviar. When I stop at JJ International, I stock up on things like grape leaves, hand made Kielbasa, hot Russian mustard, pickles and beet salad. If you plan to grill they have amazing veal and pork hot dogs and home made sauerkraut. I never leave without getting polish chocolate wafer treats that melt in your mouth.

There's a place to buy wine across the street, so you're all set for the picnic. Tell the owner Robert I said hello and will be back soon, I hope.

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