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If we can love ugly vegetables and fruit, why shouldn't we love ugly fish? Colorado here we come

We love reading Paonia, Colorado based High Country News. Why? How about this post about ugly fish which makes me want to close my lap top and go fishing: "Why we should celebrate unlovely fish: An angler documents his pursuit of the uglier species."

When we get to Colorado, we plan to connect with the savvy brains behind High Country News (HCN), a must follow independent, nonprofit media outlet. Any traveler to the American West should read HCN to discover what is really going on under the surface of this magnificent landscape.

Besides publishing amazing pictures and news about the places out west you want to visit, HCN is helping protect this precious terrain, its people and natural habitat. Their mission is to: "Cover the important issues and stories that define the American West and to inform and inspire people – through in-depth journalism – to act on behalf of the West's diverse natural and human communities."

Motorcycle navigating sandstone photo by Rob Harsh. Cover photo by Stephen Matera/

Attention USG road trippers and soul searchers: HCN has an annual Outdoor Recreation issue. HCN states about this issue: "We examine the lure of long hauls and personal pilgrimage. Something happens once we’re outdoors that touches our deeper human natures. As we encounter the wild, and recognize our own small place in it, we can’t help but be humbled and changed."

See you in Paonia.

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