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Earthship Biotecture in Taos, New Mexico: USG's New Friend Cecelia Tell us to put Earthship Head

I have been a huge fan of Earthships since I saw Garbage Warrior, the documentary film about architect Michael Reynolds who invented the whole concept. Earthships are built so you can be 100% self sustainable off grid. Grow your own food inside and outside the house: check. Use solar energy from the sun to get electricity: check. Harvest rainwater: check. Recycle water you use in house for plants: yes.

Cecelia said: "Earthships are sustainable homes/buildings made out of earth and reused materials such as glass bottles and car tires. They use passive & active thermal techniques which don't require electrical energy, solar panels for daily functions which do require electricity, and an ingenious water cycling system that greatly reduces water usage."

Thanks Michael for showing us how to think and live outside the boring box of conformity. See you in New Mexico.

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