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Our New Friend Clare Recommends Avalon Cafe & Kitchen and the Farmers Market in Ann Arbor, Michi

Clare from Ann Arbor tells us what not to miss in her hometown:

"The Kerrytown Farmers Market is open on Saturdays in the winter, and Saturdays and Wednesdays throughout the spring and summer. It's a great place to pick up fresh, local produce. Occasionally, they will also use the space to host a Artisans Market, where you can buy all kinds of handmade items, including jewelry, clothing, and ceramics. It's right in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, so from there you can have lunch at a place like Avalon, which uses many locally sourced ingredients for their menu items."

Check out Avalon Cafe and Kitchen in Ann Arbor. Avalon distributes their famous artisanal bread (made with 100% organic flour) to over 40 restaurants and markets and has several location in Detroit where they started out in 1997. Avalon has three bottom lines that inform every aspect of their business: Earth, Community, Employees. Love the Avalon motto: "Eat Well. Do Good."

Thanks Clare for the tips! USG is totally planning to stop in Ann Arbor for a few days when we get to Michigan!

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