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A Farmtastic Journey

Through the Heart of America  TM

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New USG Friend Asks Us to Put Corollo, NC and the Outer Banks (OBX) on the Map!

Michael from New York tells us:

The Outer Banks is leading the charge for sustainability in NC and is such a beautiful place that reminds of us of how fragile this planet can be if we don't attend to it. We're looking forward to returning there for our annual family vacation and will be mindful of our role in helping with these initiatives.

View from Balcony, Cape Hatteras Motel

If you make it all the way to Cape Hatteras (recommended) say hello to our friends at Cape Hatteras Motel. We stayed there in Fall of 2015 and had a mind blowing experience. Owners Dave and Jan are amazing. You won't be in better hands.

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