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A Farmtastic Journey

Through the Heart of America  TM

New York

Maybe this is a quote from someone in New York or a story teaser.

We will be adding more states to the map as we get recommendations from our audience, plan future trips and travel more.


We really want our journey to be crowd sourced. Please send message below with links and info about folks we need to meet and places we need to go and discover.  As tips and recommendations come in we will expand the maps and content to go along with new discoveries.


Share the wonder.  Share what makes you feel good and want to get up in the morning. Whether it is the cup of java from your favorite bakery, the honey oatmeal soap you neighbor beekeper makes of the beer your "hip hopster"(cool hop farmer) is making, we want to know about it!

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Tell Us About Local  Farms, Food,  Cool Places to Visit

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