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Commune: Real Food in Virginia Beach

We drove from Cape Charles to Virginia Beach last night. It's now eight in the morning. We're currently in our hotel room overlooking the ocean drinking a cup of java from Bad Ass Coffee located on 18th Street. It's gray and misty today with light rain falling on and off. I love the beach in the rain because it reminds me that a beach is not just a place for humans to go and enjoy "good weather", always expecting the seaside to come with the sun. The beach is a working ecosystem and habitat that has its good days and bad days, just like humans that forget we are part of it. (Pictured above at the Commune urban farm in Virginia Beach is owner Kevin Jamison on left and chef Barry Smith on right)

Overcast and rainy day, Virginia Beach

The video below features Barry Smith, executive chef at Commune and Kevin Jamison, founder of Commune and its sister New Earth Farm , in Pungo. At noon we are visiting New Earth Farm just outside the city, then coming back for lunch at Commune. As I write this looking out over the ocean, I can see the surfers waiting to catch the waves. Anticipating our meeting with the Commune crew makes me feel we are about to catch a wave of amazing energy that we will ride for a long time.

If the maelstrom of a world we are living in is getting you down, the video above will inspire you. Commune shows us there

is light at the end of the tunnel. It's time we all commune with nature and community like the amazing folks there.

The future is literally in our hands and it's time we plant the seeds and cultivate the future we want. It's now or never.

See you at noon Kevin, when we get to your farm in Pungo!

Copyright 2017 Paul E McGinniss

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