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Marina Bay Hotel, Chincoteague Island, Virginia: This is where United States of Green will be in 8 h

Yes. The time has come for the launch to Virginia. Woman of wonder Sherry Williams is picking me up in one hour and we are headed to check in at the Marina Bay Hotel pictured above! "Not too shabby", as my grandmother used to say.

After we check in, we will walk from this marina to have dinner at Don's Seafood. We'll be meeting the founders of Black Narrows Brewing Company and Tommy Clark of Tom's Cove Aqua Farms. Talk about connecting with some cool, hard working locals who are living off the sea and the land and sharing the abundance, can't wait!

Ulster County Bounty, Arugula, High Falls, N.Y.

To think just and hour ago I was picking some Arugula here in High Falls, New York. (Joe, Chris, please pick more greens while

we are in Virginia! And eat some of the butternut squash waiting to be picked!)

See you soon Chincoteague.

Copyright 2017 Paul E McGinniss

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