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It's Time to Give Up Plastic Food Wrap: Bee's Wrap is Where It's At

July 31, 2017



This just in from Mother Earth News: "KEEP YOUR FOOD TOXIC-FREE and your landfill clear of plastic with Bee's Wrap, the new sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap! Made of beeswax, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin, the wraps are all-organic and reusable. Use them to wrap cheese, bread, vegetables, fruit, herbs, baked goods, and more. Even cover a bowl or plate with the wrap for later use. "




Bee's Wrap started out on a family farm in Bristol, Vermont where it is still made.


Check out this video from Bee's Wrap.


LOVE MOTHER EARTH NEWS. USG plans to visit Mother Earth News in Topeka when we get to Kansas

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